+ What are your cancellation policies?

  • No penalties if you cancel or make any change, 11 days prior to the date of your check-in.

  • 1 day penalty if you cancel 10 days prior, or lees, to the date of your check-in.

  • Full lodging penalty for a no-show on date of your check-in or if you cancel the same day of the arrival.

  • We are committed with providing you with an exceptional accommodation experience. To make sure we can fulfill our commitment, we reserve the right to cancel or relocate a reservation, due a matter of extreme urgency related to the property or facilities, in order to ensure our guests and staff safety, comfort and integrity.

+ Do you allow children?

We welcome children 12 years and older.

+ Do you offer transportation service from the airport?

We can provide you transportation service from the airport. Our fee is $45 USD.

+ When do you charge the amount for my stay?

All normal bookings are billed at check out. Non-refundable rates are charged at the time of booking.

+ What ID do I need to show at check-in?

All foreign guests will be asked to show their passports. For Mexican guests, we require any kind of valid, official ID.

+ When are check-in and check-out times?

Check-in is at 3 PM and check-out is at noon.

+ Do you allow smoking on property?

We provide a smoke-free establishment including in our suites, common areas, terraces and patio.

+ Do you have facilities for disabled people?

No, the building consists in 2 floors, each one accessible only through stairs. We do not have elevators.

+ Do you have onsite parking?

We do not have parking, but there are parking options near the property.

+ Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed. But for a best-in-show dog run visit the close by parque Mexico.

+ What amenities are in your guest rooms?

Amenities include: separate Wi-Fi network in each room, handcrafted water bottles by Casa del Agua, Nespresso coffee maker, Loredana toiletries, bathrobes, slippers, hair dryer, Bose Bluetooth audio, a Netflix account activated in your room's RokuTv, local Totalplay TV, extra blankets & pillows, and a digital safe box.

+ Do you offer room service?

Due to the design characteristics of our rooms, we can only offer room service to guests staying at Habitación Negra.

+ Can I bring my own drinks?

Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any facilities of the property. Note cocktail hour is at 5pm everyday and we have a well stocked honor bar available 7-10pm.

+ Do you have a drug policy?

The use of any type of narcotic drug is forbidden inside the establishment.

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+ Who was Ignacia?

Ignacia was born around 1914 in Guerrero, from where she arrived in Mexico City in the late 20s to work in the old estate house. She first helped with the cleaning, then caring for the children, eventually becoming the head housekeeper until the year 2000, at which time she moved with the family that she worked for, for so many years, to an apartment in the south part of the city.

Ignacia was devoted to her work; she became an integral part of home and her imprint can still be felt. Like a Pita Amor character, Ignacia enjoyed the house as if it were her own, and in the end it practically was. She knew every corner and managed the home with great care and discipline. She planted two trees in the garden which she crossed thousands of times on the way to her room.

+ Tell me about the neighborhood.

Colonia Roma, a Mexico City classic, has been the protagonist of the capitol’s history since it was founded in the late XIX century. The neoclassical architecture, art nouveau, art deco, and contemporary buildings, blend well together in this neighborhood that has experienced a rebirth and now breathes a cultural effervescence like never before. Every resident, street, and house are part of this radical change, making Colonia Roma a fundamental part of the heart of Mexico City.

+ What efforts do you make to operate an environmentally responsible business?

At Ignacia Guest House we are committed to conserve the environment to maintain biodiversity, sustainability and the balance of nature. Therefore, we have installed solar panels that produce most of the electrical energy consumed at the property, preventing that 3.8 tons of CO2 to enter the atmosphere every year (the equivalent of planting up to eighty five trees per year). Also, the panels reduce fossil fuel consumption in bathrooms and kitchen up to 60%.

The ingredients we use to prepare food and beverages (fruits, vegetables, legumes, coffee, eggs, dairy, tortillas, bread) come from small local producers, which guarantees their freshness and quality, as well as fair trade.

Loredana is a mexican company responsible for the toiletries that you will find in all our suites. These are natural products, free of animal cruelty and friendly to the environment. All are made with natural and organic ingredients, so they are free of parabens, sulfates and EDTA.

In every suite you will find water bottles courtesy of Casa del Agua, a mexican company that processes water with the highest purification standard in the market, through a process of triple filtration, evaporation and condensation that makes it 100% pure. Additionally, water is harmonized with intention, through a process of flow forms, light, and music. We use only glass bottles, so we do not contribute to the generation of plastic waste.

The cleaning products we use at Ignacia Guest House are Corpo Citrik, a mexican company that manufactures all its products with biodegradable citric extracts, without chemicals, abrasives or irritants, as well as producing low foam to promote water saving. Kosher certified.